Our Medical Team

The Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic is divided into 4 sections we call Pods and each Pod has 4-6 physicians and 1 Nurse Practitioner working collaboratively with other Health Care Professionals from the Guelph Family Health Team.
Andrea Heffernan PCNC
Les Dahlinger MHC
Dr. Joy Schuurman
Dr. Furheen Iftikhar
Corrie Harvey MHC
Dr. Tom Tobin
Dr. Malcolm Gibson
Dr.David Schieck
Dr. Ellen Choi
Jake Byrne MHC

Dr. J. T. Dason
Annette Ruaux NP
Christine Martin PCNC
Denise Peddle PCNC
For more information regarding your Primary Health Care Practitioners practice please click on their link below.

Dr. Scott Charlton
Seraphina McAlister NP
Ashley Cressman NP
Ljiljana Lukic PCNC