Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for parking?
Visits to the building under 15 minutes are free. For visits over 15 minutes, there is a $4 charge upon exiting the parking lot. Please bring your ticket inside the building and pay at the machines located by the elevator. Parking is free when a prescription is filled at the Dawson Road Pharmacy. DRFMC is not responsible for the parking. Please address any comments or concerns to CMD management. Their contact information is located on the clinic map located beside the elevator.
When my Doctor is away is someone available to cover them?
On your doctors regular day off, there is no one that covers their practice. If your doctor is away on vacation the DRFMC will do it's best to provide you with a doctor or Nurse Practioner that covers urgent appointments only. For non-urgent matters please book an appointment with your doctor during their regular office hours.
When should I refill my Prescriptions?
Plan Ahead! Book an appointment with your physician when you are filling your last refill. Order your prescriptions at least 1 week before you need them. Don't run out!
Can I get my lab or test results over the phone?
No. Due to the volume of calls coming into the clinic daily, we do not call patients for normal test results. We will contact you with abnormal test results only. We encourage you to book a follow-up appointment if you would like to discuss your results.
Do I have to show my Health Card at every visit?
Yes. It is a strict government policy that Ontario residents provide a valid health card at every visit. It is important that you notify the receptionist of any changes in your personal information (i.e. phone number, address, etc.) or health card status. Patients who do not present a valid health card will be subject to a $50 charge in order to see their physician. If a valid health card is presented within 6 weeks of payment, you will be reimbursed the $50 fee by cheque, mailed to the address you have provided.
Is Travel Medicine covered by OHIP?
No, travel medicine is not covered by OHIP. Travelers visiting our Medysis Travel and Vaccination Clinic are required to pay for service at the time of their visit. We do not bill private insurance companies. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, Debit and Cash.

Third Party Fees
Not all medical expenses are covered by OHIP. Please follow the link below to view the list of third party fees.