DRFMC Booking Policy
Phones are answered daily Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00pm 
A booked appointment is required to see your Doctor/Nurse Practitioner. No Walk-In visits please. All requests are triaged by reception in order to assist with scheduling. (confidentiality ensured)
Please book well in advance for physicals, well child visits and third party physicals.
Please note physicals are an opportunity to review/ update health status, records and provide you with an opportunity for education, preventive care, and planning. They are not to address all medical issues.
Medical advice will not routinely be given over the phone, as proper assessment requires seeing you in the office. Please make an appointment and we will make every effort to see you in a timely 
You must bring a valid Health Card to every visit. Health Cards  that have expired or are invalid will not be accepted under any circumstances and patients will be required to pay for the visit according to the Ontario Medical Association guidelines.

Patients should make every effort to see their Primary Health Care Practitioner prior to attending the After Hours clinic and only attend the clinic for urgent concerns when their Physician or Nurse Practitioner or covering practitioner is unavailable.