The Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic was established in 2007 as an association of Family Doctors who agreed to work together as means of cost sharing and optimizing patient care- within the provincial governments new framework of a collaborative Family Health Team. Twelve Physicians from several established small group practices came together initially, and since then Physicians have joined to give the clinic its current 19 Physician roster.
Our Mission:
We are a family medical practice providing high quality, collaborative patient care in a supportive and respectful environment through teamwork and efficient use of resources.
Our Vision:
Excellence in Family Health Care.
Our Values:
Patient Centred: To remember that patients are at the center of our practice and to make every effort to understand and meet their needs within the scope of the clinics collective expertise.
Teamwork and Collaboration: To create a caring environment supported by a transparent communications strategy in which everyone- physicians, staff, nurses and Interdisciplinary Health Professionals work together as a co-operative, non-judgemental team under the guidance of excellent management.
Optimizing Care: To continuously improve the utilization of the clinics collective resources with the goal of providing the best quality of care to our patients.
Being Accountable: To encourage a willingess to take responsibility for the actions and outcomes of clinical practice in order to constantly seek ways to enhance patient care.
Respect for Others: To treat others, at all times, as you would have them treat you.
Work-Life Balance: To believe in the right of every individual to a fulfilling life inside and outside of paid work and to accept and respect this as the norm in that it benefits the individual, the clinic and society.